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Oftentimes when thinking of body treatments, what first comes to mind is massage. Some may have experience with more targeted procedures that are like facial care for the body. In reality, the list of available body treatments is long and dense with something for everyone. And it’s true that many common facial treatments can double as effective body treatments.

Depending on the treatment, when targeting the body, many are focused on releasing tension, smoothing, and exfoliating. Selecting the body treatment that is best suited for your skin, your needs, and your lifestyle is an intimately personal task that is heavily dependent on individual preferences and considerations.

Body Facials
Body facials, like our back facial are essentially just what they sound like, a facial for the body. The focus is on cleansing, hydrating, exfoliating, and polishing the skin. These body treatments lead to a refreshing and relaxing feeling while reenergizing the skin all over the body.

HydraBooty Facial
“HydraBooty is a Hydrafacial treatment experience designed for women seeking improvement As surprising as it was to hear butt facials were a thing, they actually have the same steps of a typical facial: double cleanse, exfoliation baby peels, extractions, and serums. HydraBooty has simplified the treatment via three stages: purify, nourish, and protect, which utilize the same patented vortex technology in Hydrafacial to simultaneously exfoliate and nourish the skin, create an instant glow, and improve overall skin health.

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