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People know hydrafacial for its effective, refreshing, and relaxing results. The treatment is purely non-irritating. After availing only one hydrafacial treatment, patients tend to witness more of an even, radiant skin tone with visible refinement. Usually, the results of hydrafacial last up to 5 to 7 days only but can even go longer. To improve the overall outlook of your skin and get rid of hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, it is highly advised to continue with the treatment for over a month. The treatment is also best for improving overall skin health.The following issues are addressed and taken care of by hydrafacial


Here are some of the hydrafacial aftercare tips to guide you after hydrafacial results and treatment. Everyone should follow the pre and post instructions to get the best results out of the treatment.  Pre-treatment instructions * Before treatment, one should discontinue the use of any isotretinoin products like Accutane for 6 months. But if one's clinician approves it, then you can use them. * For 2 weeks before your treatment, refrain from any medium and deep cleansing treatments. * If you have undergone botox, wait for 1 week, and if one has availed fillers, then wait for 2 weeks to get the hydrafacial treatment. You can have botox and fillers on the same day but not hydrafacial. * Shaving is not recommended on the day of the treatment for men. Contrary to this, if you choose to shave, shave at least 3-4 hours before your treatment.  Hydrafacial aftercare Usually, people are done with the hydrafacial in less than an hour, and no downtime is required. You can resume your normal activities right away after hydrafacial and not like harsher procedures like chemical peels. Usually, there are very few chances of you experiencing redness or peeling, but it's still best to avoid exfoliating treatments for a few days after the facial. Hydrafacial aftercare tips on different days.  Day 1 One should sincerely stay away from heat for the first 24 hours after the treatment. It is best to take a lukewarm shower or bath instead of getting a hot one. Refrain from performing intense cardio and opt for the personal deadlift. Also, refrain from unwinding in the sauna. Lastly, do not apply makeup, especially on the day of the treatment, if possible.  Day 2  You should still avoid using any product containing tretinoin during the first 48 hours after your treatment session. One should avoid other types of exfoliating treatments like waxing and depilatories. Lastly, do not use over-the-counter acne medications for the two days of the treatment.  Day 3 You must protect your skin from sun damage for the first three to five days after your hydrafacial treatment. The treatment is highly effective in removing the top layers of the dead skin cells. By way of doing this, a layer of fresh and healthy skin cells is exposed, and these are generally more vulnerable. During the hours of 10 AM- 2 PM, limit the amount of time your face is exposed to the sun. Besides this, for the first 72 hours after treatment, it would be best to avoid tanning beds.

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