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Brows You’ve Been Dreaming of
Ombré eyebrows are a great option for those looking for long-lasting and low-maintenance brows. The technique involves creating a gradient effect on the eyebrows, giving a natural and soft look. This is achieved through a combination of microblading and shading techniques.

By opting for ombré eyebrows, you can wake up every day with perfectly shaped and filled brows without having to spend time in front of the mirror. It's a convenient and effective solution for busy individuals who still want to look put-together.

If you're considering getting ombré eyebrows, make sure to do your research and find a reputable Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist who specializes in this technique. They will be able to provide you with the best results and ensure that your new brows complement your facial features perfectly.

Ombré eyebrows are the ideal choice for anyone seeking effortlessly thick, full, and natural-looking brows that won't fade or smudge. This innovative beauty trend involves carefully shaping your brows to create a fuller appearance that complements your unique facial features.br>

Here’s what this is all about:
Similar to traditional tattoos, ombré eyebrows are semi-permanent, eliminating the need for daily makeup touch-ups or constant reshaping. With ombré brows, you can wake up each morning with flawless brows that effortlessly enhance your natural beauty.

Lip blush is a way to enhance the natural beauty of your lips, providing anything from a subtle tint to a more full-coverage lip color. Our artists at Sculpted will consult with you to determine the look you want and choose a pigment that suits you best. With lip blush, you can achieve naturally fuller lips without the need for fillers. Results can last anywhere from 3-5 years, and we provide complete aftercare to keep your lips looking fresh and flawless.

Our Cosmetic Tattoo Process:
Initial consultation comes first. You’ll start by discussing the desired shape and color

Our Artist will assess your skin and check your medical record to make sure there are no contraindications.

We will also discuss the shape and colour and Healing instructions, healing phases, and any questions you may have will also be covered during the consultation.

Process involved:
- Begin with numbing: A topical anesthetic will be applied to the skin to alleviate any discomfort. Please allow 30 minutes for it to take effect before the tattooing process commences.
- Outline the design: Our skilled Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist will sketch out the desired shape, making adjustments for symmetry. Once the shape and color are agreed upon, the numbing cream will be applied, followed by the tattooing procedure with a needle. It is crucial to communicate your satisfaction with the color and shape before proceeding.

Preparation guidelines:
- Avoid Botox or filler injections for 14 days prior to your appointment.
- Refrain from blood-thinning medications.
- Do not use Accutane one year before the procedure.
- Minimize sun exposure before your appointment.

Avoid receiving Botox or filler 14 days prior to your infusion appointment, no blood-thinning medications, cannot be on Accutane for one year prior to procedure and avoid exposure to the sun prior to appointment.

Aftercare instructions:
- Keep ombre eyebrows tattoo clean and moisturized with Aquaphor.
- Avoid excessive sweating and sun exposure Refrain from picking or scratching at the tattooed area.
- Follow specific aftercare instructions from your tattoo artist.
- Proper aftercare is essential for optimal healing and longevity of your beautiful new brows.
- Keep your lips hydrated with Aquaphor 2-3 times daily for one week following treatment.
- Avoid spicy foods until fully healed. - Always wash your hands before touching your brows.
- Refrain from touching the healing area with your fingers to prevent infection.
- Apply Aquaphor using a clean Q-tip once daily starting on the third day until the area has healed.

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