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chicago Eyebrow Tint

Sometimes, creating the look you’re after – while blending in with your current skin tone and hair – is a difficult thing to achieve. As experts in the field, we’re experienced in helping our clients establish the exact brow colour they’re after. We do this by using carefully refined palettes that are perfected from the outset.

At the beginning of the session, we’ll sit with you to discuss the look you’re aiming for, and then explain exactly how we intend on achieving this for you. We understand that the right colour brows make all the difference to your confidence by adding depth to sparse areas, ensuring that the result is exactly what you expected (if not more).

Oily skin types: will find that both regular brow tint and henna brow colour may fade more quickly, as the natural oils moves the colour away from your skin. For this reason, henna brow colour might be a better option as the henna lasts long than regular brow tint would. If you have very dry or dehydrated skin, regular brow tint may be a better option as we can avoid creating dark patches on the skin. Regular brow tint will not adhere to dry or flaky patches as noticeably as henna would. If you have normal, combination or dry skin, either would suit you. In general, your hair colour will have more impact on your decision than your skin will.

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