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Yes, you read that right. We are now living in a world where vaginas can get facials - and they are all the rage! Here at MF Aesthetics when we think of facials we think of steamings, goopy masks, extractions, and an overall calming experience. This is exactly what a vajacial consists of and more!  

Pubic Hair Explained 
Before we jump into vajacials, it's important to establish why the vagina deserves a skincare routine. In a word: pubic hair. Pubic hair is unlike any hair on the rest of our body. Pubic hair is more thick, coarse, and wiry than the hair on our legs, chests, backs, underarms, and scalps. Given its texture, pubic hair can irritate the skin when it grows back after hair removal. Pubes are prone to getting stuck under the skin causing ingrown hairs which can lead to scarring and dark spots. Its thick and wiry texture is not without reason.

If you do decide to groom/shave/wax your pubic hair you should know that the risk of developing ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and dark spots increases. That is where vajacials come in to save the day. 

What is a vajacial?
A vajacial is a 30-60 minute soothing and rejuvenating treatment for the vulva. This is a non-invasive procedure; in other words, it does not deal with the inner vagina.

The purpose of a vajacial
Vajacials target and treat common skin concerns found in the pubic region. This treatment works to eliminate ingrown hairs (otherwise known as bikini bumps), remove dead skin cells, prevent acne flare-ups, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring, diffuse hyperpigmentation, and even out the skin tone. Overall, a vajacial will significantly improve skin health in the vaginal area. 

A vajacial treatment
The treatment include vaginal steaming, cleansing, gentle exfoliants, ingrown hair treatments, high frequency, mud masks for the vulva, and even red light therapy which kills bacteria and provides skin-brightening benefits that reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. 

Do I have to remove my hair before my vajacial? 
Yes, the pubic hair must be removed (or at least smaller than the length of a grain of rice) before performing a vajacial. The main focus of a vajacial is to treat ingrown hairs and detoxify the skin. For the vajacial to fulfill this focus, the hair must be removed. 

Aftercare for a vajacial:
1. Do not touch the area
2. Wear loose clothing for the next 24 hours
3. Do not exfoliate the pubic area for a week 
4. Do not shower or bath for the next 24 hours
5. Avoid activities that cause you to sweat (including working out, going in a sauna, running etc.)

Will a vajacial hurt? 
Vajacials do not hurt! Many people find vajacials to be relaxing and therapeutic. The extractions could bring a bit of discomfort but it doesn’t last long.

Are vajacials safe? 
Here at MF Aesthetics You are in good hands of a certified and experienced estheticians, vajacials are completely safe. It is a non-intrusive treatment, meaning no products are meant to go in the vagina. All the treatments take place on the vulva (the vulva is the external part of the female genitals). 

Can I get a vajacial during pregnancy?
Yes getting a vajacial during pregnancy is totally safe. Vajacials are actually a great way to feel confident in your bikini area while you are pregnant (especially in the later months when it gets harder to see what is going on down there).

Note: If you are interested in a vajacial, professionals recommend that you get one done more than a month in advance of your due date. 

How often should I do a vajacial?
To keep the skin around the vagina soft and healthy, a vajacial should be done every 2-3 months. All depending on clients needs.

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